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Monday, March 15, 2004

Something to learn from
His Excellency President Bharrat Jagdeo has made firm and decisive decisions following the report of an investigation into unauthorized persons being able to obtain duty free concessions on vehicles, which they imported, robbing the revenue of the country.

The President had directed that the report, which sources said had solid evidence against those responsible or involved, to be immediately sent to the Auditor-General's Department and the Director of Public Prosecutions.

We see here the correct procedures being followed, an investigation by the relevant authority, a report submitted and forwarded to those entrusted and empowered to take the necessary actions.

Shouldn't Mr. Corbin and his echelons learn something of value here, the following of the proper procedures, instead of attempting once again to disrupt the society and create havoc and untold harm and suffering to people?
Yours faithfully,
Sheldon Munroe


Mrs. Jagan deserves the greatest respect from all of us
I have just read Dr. Frank C.S. Anthony's tribute to Dr. Cheddi Jagan, on the former Guyanese Leader's seventh death anniversary, in the March 11 edition of the Guyana Chronicle, under the caption "The Charisma of Cheddi Jagan."

Dr. Anthony listed a few elements of Dr. Jagan's charisma, and then mentioned Mrs. Janet Jagan's steadfast support for him and his cause. He reminded us of what Dr. Jagan himself wrote: "My wife, Janet, influenced me with a deep and abiding faith and caring for the poor, the disadvantaged and the handicapped, the oppressed and the marginalized, and she has a very deep commitment to honesty in politics. As a result I do not worry about anything. I work together with her very closely we debate soundly without anything to worry about or anything to hide. She has given me peace of mind."

As a Guyanese citizen living abroad temporarily, I am indebted to Mrs. Jagan for her selfless, priceless contribution to my country as a freedom fighter, administrator, women's rights activist and journalist. Mrs. Jagan deserves the greatest respect from all of us.

It is mortifying these days, however, to read insulting and rude references to her by columnists, commentators and correspondents who are known opponents of the People's Progressive Party, as well as those who profess loyalty to the party. People should avoid using uncivil words like "amnesia" and "hard-headed rhinoceros" when describing Mrs. Jagan, a founder and pillar of Guyana's oldest political party. One cannot honour Dr. Cheddi Jagan and vilify his wife in the same breath, as some people are doing.

It is therefore apt, thoughtful and gracious that Dr. Anthony has noted Mrs. Jagan's role in Dr. Jagan's remarkable, unforgettable life.
Yours truly,
Hemraj Muniram,
Ontario, Canada.