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ROAR seems to have lost its purpose
AS time progresses Guyanese, especially those of Indian origin are becoming aware of the real purpose and role of ROAR in Guyana's political spectrum.

Two weeks ago we learnt that GIHA, ROAR's front is now asking the government for $16M dollars to fund its activities. This week ROAR is planning a march with the PNC in the streets of Georgetown against the 'break down of the rule of law.'

Talking about hypocrisy! Ravi Dev, in a March 7th article in Kaieteur News expressed concern for Indians who were killed in the 2002 crime spree of which we all know the PNC/R was involved.

I am not going to be verbose like the hypocrites of GIHA and ROAR usually are. I am going to let Indians in Guyana be their own judge.

Indians are smarter than the quacks at GIHA and ROAR believe.

ROAR is beginning to realize this. Their intention to march with the PNC/R was not a surprise. After less than 70 people turned up at their well advertised 'Day of Dignity' on West Bank Demerara on Mash Day, it is definitely time for them to rethink their scam to hoodwink Indians in Guyana.

I think that ROAR has lost its purpose.
B. Premchand