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PPP claims:

PNC/R MPs still collecting money although boycotting Parliament

THE People's Progressive Party (PPP) has accused Opposition Leader, Mr. Desmond Hoyte and Members of Parliament of his People's National Congress Reform (PNC/R), of collecting money due to parliamentarians although they have been boycotting Parliament since March 15 this year.

"Although not attending Parliament since mid-March, Mr. Hoyte has collected about $2M to perform duties as a Member of Parliament and the Leader of the Opposition. And his MPs have earned in excess of $8M in stipends to perform functions as Members of Parliament", the PPP charged in a press release.

It said Mr. Hoyte "still enjoys all the facilities as Leader of the Opposition, costing taxpayers additional hundreds of thousands of dollars per month."

"PNC/R MPs have made full use of all privileges due to working Parliamentarians, including duty free concessions for motor vehicles", it added.

"Why would the PNC/R demand and collect salaries as MPs when they have stayed out of Parliament and failed to carry out their basic task - representing those who voted for them? Isn't this a clear case of immoral behaviour and dishonesty?", the PPP asked.

The main partner in the governing PPP/Civic alliance called on the PNC/R Leader and his MPs "to return taxpayers dollars collected under false pretence."

The PPP said it "wishes to bring this irregular and disturbing act to the attention of the Auditor General's Department and the Integrity Commission."

"The PNC/R Leader and his MPs must either earn their money by returning to Parliament or do not collect taxpayers dollars for services that were and are not being rendered", it argued.



Sir Paul must look at the big picture
Dear Editor,
It is good to see
Sir Paul Reeves the Special Envoy of the Commonwealth Secretary General in Guyana (SN 17/10/02). But we must remember that the Commonwealth was impotent and weak when it came to addressing Burnham's dictatorship. The organisation's record is poor when it comes to despots and tyrants, and it is time the member nations of the Commonwealth seriously consider what damage, destruction and turmoil its policy of appeasement has brought on the people of Guyana and the world.

It is also necessary to review Sir Paul's record in Fiji where the compromise made permanently weakened and destabilised the Fijian Indian population. While some may claim that peace and stability have returned to Fiji, the fact remains that the democratically elected government was overthrown and the then opposition is now in power as a result of fresh elections.

For Guyana to move forward, we need a solution which will include all political parties and all political leaders. We need the PPP to seriously consider the idea of shared governance, which they practice with Mr. Nadir. It would also be productive if Sir Paul would take the time to refer to the many previous recommendations circa 1960 and beyond regarding balancing the police, army and civil service. This is desperately needed and many agree is contingent to easing the pressure valves in the country.

If Sir Paul does his homework and meets with all political leaders, he may stand a chance of some success.The task is daunting. Yet it must be done! Guyanese want an open, transparent and democratic process of consultation. This is necessary and cannot be compromised.

Yours faithfully,
Krishna Persaud






The inexperienced and incompetent Commander of Armed Forces, Pressident Bharat Jagdeo