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Corbin urges amnesty for death squad financiers, members

PNCR leader Robert Corbin says there should be an amnesty for those businesses and persons who contributed financially to the alleged death squad and for the members of the death squad themselves.

Corbin was speaking at the Rule of Law rally held Saturday at the Square of the Revolution.

He said that since the government found it fit to grant an amnesty for those importers of vehicles involved in the remigrant duty-free scam, then those involved in the funding of the death squads should get an amnesty also. He said that he is not so much interested in the members of the death squad, but those who controlled them. He also called for an independent Commission of Inquiry to be set up so that all the evidence in the case could be collected and examined.









PNCR leader Robert Corbin




Corbin among PNC/R protestors arrested
- demonstrators overturn car



This is a wake up call to Corbin and his associates, either you're with us or against us. We will disrupt, interrupt and dismantle your criminal gangs in order to prevent terror, violence, lootings, stealing the Government, kidnappings, executions and the end of the oppression of People of Indian Origin for the past 50 years.







Whoa! Where has it been proven that a death squad is in existence? When the Indian people were claiming that the escaped prisoners were being sheltered by Corbin and Hoyte you guys called for proof, and when that was surfaced by the presence of your illustrious leaders at the church services in the presence of the terrorists and their eventual funerals, and in their defence when they killed cops, where were you?
































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